Message on the occasion of Shree Adi Guru Puja
5th July 2020

Dearest Country Coordinators, Country Councils, Trustees and members of Sahaja Yoga organisations, 

Subject: Message to all our Brothers & Sisters from all over the world on the occasion of Shree Adi Guru Puja, 2020.

Jai Shri Mataji!

On this most auspicious occasion of Shree Guru Puja, 2020, we the Sahaja Yogis of India express our sincere and heartfelt gratitude to Shree Mataji - Our Guru, The Guru of all Gurus for having given us the highest of the highest state in the form of self realisation and for providing to us all the knowledge for achieving the ultimate state of God Realisation. 

On behalf of the sahaja yogis of India- the Birthplace of Our Guru, we heartily extend our warm wishes, love and greetings to all sahaja brothers and sisters from all over the world for the Guru Puja. 

Let us collectively pray at the Lotus feet of Shree Mataji that we all become our own gurus and are able to carry forward Her tremendous work of human emancipation as Her True Instruments.

As She says:

“What guru does, is to purify himself and others and give those flowers to the Deity. Till you all become gurus, I am your Guru, but once you become the guru then I become your Deity...... .Till they are not yet gurus, I am their Guru. Till they reach that state. Once they become the guru, then I am their Deity”.
(Guru Puja, Leysin (Switzerland), 14 July 1984.)

Shree Mataji has always spoken about the quality of our ascent “ But don’t worry about arranging it, don’t worry about it. How does it matter if there are 10 people more or 10 people less? Instead of 1000 bad people, just 10 good people is good for Sahaja. Please be one of those 10 people who are enjoying Sahaja, doing Sahaja work with extreme love, enjoying it, and are standing in first lane.”
(Meditation and Prayer, Mumbai, 9 February 1975)

Also in Her speeches She has said ”There is one body of virata and you are on Sahastrar of that body. I have put you on the Sahastrar of the virata and what these mad people are doing ? 1000 people have to be made sit on Sahastrar of the Virata. It look like a very big thing. It is.”
(Dharm Va Adharm, India , 1 January 1975)

”I have told you hundred times that I need 1000 people who can sit on this Sahasrara. I need 1000 people to sit on horse who never get caught. Is it difficult”. (Keep the attention on yourself, Bombay (India), 21 December 1975.).

On this Guru Puja, let us all aspire to be One of those 1000 sahaja yogis who are truly belonging to Her, truly recognising Her, standing on truth and worthy of being found suitable by Her for this.

Lots of Love, 

The Life Eternal Trust, Mumbai, India
The Life Eternal Trust, Delhi, India 
The Sahaja Yoga Central Committee of India 
(On behalf of all the Sahaja Yogis of India)