Communication of the Sahaja Yoga Central Committee of India (CCI)

Subject: “Reflections on The last Years of Shri Mataji’s Earthly Life” by Global Central Committee (CCG) issued on March 12, 2020

Dear Sahaji brothers and sisters,

A Communication from the Global Central Committee (CCG), issued on March 12, 2020, covers their assessment of the last years of Shree Mataji’s Earthly Life. We humbly do not agree with their assessment, since they have paid no heed to the new facts, brought out in public domain, regarding Shree Mataji’s health and medical treatment during Her last years on Earth. The CCG makes following assertions in their communication:

1) “…collective view on certain aspects of this difficult period, others, more speculative, have caused confusion, frustration and irritation.

2) ...we need to overcome the temptation of judgement and inquisition..

3) ...every single moment of Her Advent was decided and planned long before Her Birth and that this, Her incarnation, was fully equipped and endowed accordingly.

4) We will never be able to completely understand this phase of Shri Mataji’s illness because we cannot fully grasp what Her purpose was in allowing it to happen as it did... Nothing happens without Her sanction. Not even a blade of grass or an atom of the universe moves without Her permission. We can only introspect and try to imbibe the lessons She want to convey to us from those times.

5) …most of the sahaja yogis attending on Shri Mataji during these years, serving and nursing and discussing medical treatment with Her, have been exceptional and outstanding… they deserve our greatest respect and gratitude. At the same time, if there was any misbehaviour or any wilful undermining of Divine protocol, those sahaja yogis will know and will live with their memories.

6) Whatever happened within Shri Mataji’s family...will - for the most part – remain subject to speculation. We are not entitled to, nor should we desire to explore this dimension of Shri Mataji’s human life in public but should instead accept and respect obvious boundaries of privacy and medical confidentiality with the dignity and nobility that behoves us...”

The Sahaja Yoga Central Committee of India (CCI), believes that this communication is an exercise to escape from finding the truth and reality, and an attempt to justify all wrong doings under the garb of Shree Mataji’s Maya. We have the following questions to ask the CCG:

a. Did the CCG enquire and make any attempt to SEEK THE TRUTH ? Shree Mataji always always started Her speeches with, ‘I BOW TO THE SEEKERS OF TRUTH’. This statement clearly binds all of us to be TRUTHFUL in all respects, and to not ignore the truth if we claim to be HER CHILDREN.

b. How is it possible that the CCG did not suspect any wrongdoing against Shree Mataji, even after the verdict of two eminent doctors in India whose clear verdict was that the drug Risperidon which was administered to Shree Mataji (as clearly mentioned in Sir CP’s letter of 2005) was completely unsuitable for Her, and the narration of the nurses about the treatment meted out to Her during Her last days on earth , and the fact that She was pushed to go to Puja much against Her clear wishes?

c. Is it justifiable on part of CCG to condone any wrongdoing (without any investigation) on part of anyone involved (be it sahaja yogis or family members)?

d. CCG was formed under direct instructions of Shree Mataji given in July 20, 2008 after Her Guru Puja speech at Cabella. Is it not fair to expect the CCG to stand by Her and only Her alone and explore the possibility of some wrong doing to Shree Mataji?

e. How will the history judge the CCG if these revelations were found to be true and proved in future?

The CCI believes that the Truth pertaining to Shree Mataji’s Earthly Life has to be brought out in collective domain. It is our solemn duty to enlighten all sahaja yogis of this Truth and remove the veil of secrecy. If there is any wrongdoing, then the wrong doers should be exposed. If there is no wrongdoing, then those facts should be put in public domain, so that the “waves of emotions in the Collective - anger, sadness, confusion, uncertainty” as mentioned by CCG in its communication can be laid to rest permanently. Unless we do this, this chatter will remain and needless to say, it will not be conducive to the spiritual growth of sahaja yogis.

By finding the facts and the Truth, we can expose both the wrong doers of Shree Mataji or those who have laid false facts before the collective. Sahaja yoga will be the ultimate winner. Our bounden duty is towards Shree Mataji and as She says :


Complete Dedication The Only Way / Dedication through meditation.
Cheltenham (England), 31 July 1982.

All the Members of the Sahaja Yoga Central Committee of India
Dated : June 15, 2020.

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